5th annual World Climate Summit “Investigating in Mountains – a key to meet the global Energy Challenge”

The World Climate Summit 2014 in Lima, Peru, was the 5th edition of the premier business conference during the UNFCCC COP. The last year’s summit was be a strong stepping stone towards getting a global deal through the international platform and campaign the Road to Paris 2015.

The World Climate Summit 2014 brought together the strongest, the most influential and impactful business, finance and government coalition Lima, Peru, during COP20 and brought together over 300 business, finance and government leaders sponsors of the Summit; including the Swiss Government through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC.

The objectives of the World Climate Summit 2014 were:

  • Work with leaders from government, business and international organizations to define solutions and policies towards the mitigation of climate change
  • Provide the premier business, finance and government forum alongside the UNFCCC negotiations
  • Be a key event on the ‘Road to Paris’ 2015 and set an agenda of actions and further commitments at COP20 and for COP21 in Paris
  • Drive new policies, projects and investments across the public and private sector, especially for Latin America.
  • Participants of the World Climate Summit 2014 will be invited to join the Road to Paris campaign, and pledge their support for a new international climate


The Summit featured a program which included: i) The signing of the Paris Declaration and the state of the road to Paris 2015, ii) interactive plenary sessions focused on international, iii) regional and national aspects, workshops on specific topics Networks, and iv) opportunities for making matches.


Three workshops were conducted, of which the workshop “Investing in the mountains – a key to meeting the global energy challenge”, was supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, SDC.

The workshop explored the avenues and opportunities to promote and encourage practical for generating energy from the mountain that is clean and supports improvement of environment and livelihoods in mountain regions worldwide investments. The workshop focused particularly on developing countries and transition economies and in exploring the possibilities of new partnerships for specific public-private development.


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