New publication: an important SDC document related to adaptation and risk management

Insurance for smallholder farmers and vulnerable households against catastrophic events

It aims to provide high-level guidance on designing or assessing ACI projects and includes a section on monitoring, too.

In 2010, SDC published a Project Cycle Management (PCM) handbook for preparing, implementing and evaluating financial sector development projects: A Manual on Managing Cooperation in Financial Sector Development1. This paper provides complementary information specific to projects dealing with agricultural and catastrophe insurance (thereafter referred to as “ACI”).

The paper has highly benefited from representatives from Allianz Re, GiZ, KfW, MiCRO Insurance Catastrophe Risk Organisation, Microinsurance Centre, PlaNet Guarantee, SDC, SECO, Syngenta

Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture, Swiss Re, University of St. Gallen, the World Food Programme, and Richard Carpenter (consultant) who participated in a SDC organised agricultural & catastrophe insurance expert meeting on 12. 9. 2013.


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