“MOUNTAIN & WATER Pavilion brought together more than 80’000 people

Under the slogan “Learn, Value and Act for the Mountains” the MOUTAIN & WATER Pavilion brought together more than 80’000 people from 90 countries, including climate negotiators, ministers, CEOs, indigenous leaders, civil society leaders and researchers

Important take-aways from the Pavillon  were calls for more climate finance and respect for human rights. Keynote speeches and other footage are now available in our video archive.

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The Mountain & Water Pavilion has the aim to highlight ecosystems and mountain population and the water, as key elements to the sustainable development in the framework of climate change. It has the following objectives: i) to link relevant actors and to generate a common knowledge on challenges and opportunities of the sustainable development of mountain and water address climate change; ii) to identify effective solutions to challenges and opportunities, to promote a collective actions, and to mobilize financial resources; iii) to link discussions and thoughts among UNFCCC members and to talk over the post2015 development agenda; and iv) to promote the knowledge among these topics.

Under its four themes i) Water, Glaciers and Basins; ii) Ecosystems, Biodiversity and Food Security; iii) Risk Management; and iv) Goods and Services of the mountains, investment and beneficiaries, the pavilion seeks, in a playful and didactic way, to display ecosystems and mountain populations as fundamental elements for sustainable development in the context of climate change.

Switzerland was one of the main partners of the Mountain & Water Pavilion, an initiative of the peruvian government. The Mountain & Water Pavilion is an initiative to join a set of public and private institutions and the international cooperation to COP20 and the legacy towards the national climate agenda.


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COP 20 : Facts and Figures
More than 14,000 participants -from public sectors, civil society, business sector, and authorities- representing 195 countries participated in COP20. Among them, 8 presidents like Mr. Ollanta Humala (Peru), Evo Morales (Bolivia), Enrique Peña Nieto (Mexico), Michelle Bachelet (Chile) and Juan Manuel Santos (Colombia) were present. In addition, among others, Secretary-General of United Nations Ban Ki-Moon; John Kerry, United States Secretary of State and Al Gore, former vicepresident of the United States of America and Peace Nobel.
1200 young volunteers prticipated in COP20.


COP 20 – Voices for Climate  : Facts and Figures
80,000 domestic and foreign visitors attended  Voices for Climate, held at Jockey Club of Peru. Voices for Climate was conceived as a space that showed the diversity of proposal and initiatives regarding climate change and emphasizes the five emblematic issues that have been prioritized in Peru’s internal climate agenda: Forests, Mountains and Water, Oceans, Energy and Sustainable Cities.

Each pavilion, conducted more than 55 conferences with a diverse thematic agenda. More than 400 conferences were presented during “Voices for Climate” sharing research results, projects and initiatives committed to fight climate change.

Among personalities that participated during these conferences, were included President Ollanta Humala (Peru); Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Minister of Environment (Peru); Paola Bustamante, Minister of Development and Social inclusion (Peru); Carmen Omonte, Minister of Women and Vulnerable Populations (Peru); Juan Manuel Benites, Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation (Peru); Gonzalo Gutiérrez Reinel Chancelor of Foreign Affairs (Peru);  Silvia Révora, Secretary of Environment Sustainable Development (Argentina); Christiana Figueres, Secretary-General of the UNFCCC; Rajendra Pachauri, Peace Nobel and President of IPCC; Susana Villarán, Major of Lima; Fabien Cousteau, Jacques Cousteau´s grandchild; Gastón Acurio and musicians like Lucho Quequezana (Peru); Charly Alberti (Argentina), etc.

In addition, in the framework of the International Mountain Day celebrations, the Mountain & Water Pavilion received the visit of international authorities like Ms. Flavia Nabugere, Miniter of State of Environment of Republic of Uganda; Andra Rupprechter, Federal Minister for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water of Austria; Hon Magenge, Minister of State for the Environment, United Republic of Tanzania.

During, International Mountain Day, 4 books were presented : Peru: país de Montaña, Paraíso de Orquideas, etc. 900 domestic and foreign journalists visited Voices for Climate. 1200 young volunteers prticipated in COP20. 60 of them participated in the Mountain & Water Pavillion, receiveing specific thematic training.

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