PACC Perú: new scientific article published

Up to 30% reduction of precipitation expected in the central andes until 2100


Climate change is an important problem affecting progress towards development. It represents a major challenge for Andean countries like Peru, where livelihoods of the rural population are depending on natural resources. These resources are already affected by multiple stresses such as overexploitation, and the situation is now further aggravated by the additional pressure resulting from a changing climate.

In this context, for the Central Andes, scientists expect precipitation to be reduced up to 30% until the end of the century.

We invite you to learn more about this interesting initiative in the new scientific article on this topic published by a group of Swiss and South American experts. Their work had been supported by the Swiss-Peruvian adaptation programme PACC Perú.

More information:
PACC PERÚ Project, Fact sheet, Embassy of Switzerland / Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC
Web Programme for Adaptation to Climate Change – PACC

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