Save the Date: MAPS/DDPP Joint Conference 3rd, 4th & 6th Dec, 2015. Paris

The MAPS International team is busy planning a final conference to present the results of this 5-year process. The joint conference, co-hosted by DDPP will be held in Paris on the 3rd, 4th and 6th of December. The first two days will be focused on technical dialogues, with the 6th of December being a high-level outreach event.

Each of you, and each of the papers produced within MAPS over the last 5-years will be the basis for the Conference. This is going to be our largest outreach event ever, and will mark the end of the current phase of the MAPS Programme. The conference will encourage feedback and input from a broader community of experts in each of the MAPS research fields to inform the next phases of MAPS.

We would like to see most of the MAPS team members (across the 5 countries) in Paris and will do our best within the budget constraints. So please Save the Date!

We will be needing your input with regards to programme design, expert and panel respondents you would like to have in the technical sessions, and more. For now, please find attached the concept note with the Conference objectives and a list of themes we would like to propose. Your feedback is very welcomed!

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC funds Brazilian, Chilean and Peruvian components.

Source: MAPS Programme

More information:
Contact: Ana Maria Rojas
MAPS, Fact sheet, Embassy of Switzerland, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC



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