Katoomba meeting China XVIII

Forest Trends and the Katoomba Group are pleased to announce that we will be hosting, with Beijing’s Capital Greening Commission, Katoomba XVIII: Forests, Water, and People in Beijing, China, on May 16, 2013. The meeting will be co-hosted by the Beijing Parks and Forestry Department, Beijing Forestry Society, IUCN China, and the China Soil and Water Conservation Association.


Governments, businesses, and civil society worldwide are recognizing the critical need to address the water crisis now. New solutions that go beyond conventional approaches – natural infrastructure solutions which can be less costly, more resilient, and more sustainable – need to be developed and widely shared.

In China, the central government has – for the first time in its history – explicitly targeted watershed management and protection in the central government’s No. 1 Central Document for 2011. However, to effectively move from commitment to action, better information and guidance is needed, and those addressing the water crisis can benefit tremendously from shared experience and analysis.

Forests, Water, and People – Katoomba XVIII will bring together leading experts, practitioners, policymakers, and investors from China and abroad to advance nature-based solutions to the water crisis for an urbanizing world.

The meeting will focus on identifying and supporting solutions along the following themes:

  • Government and business approaches to catalyzing natural infrastructure innovation
  • Financing initiatives for forests and water security
  • Partnering for source water protection

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This event is possible thanks to the support of our sponsors, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the JP Morgan Chase Foundation.

To learn more about sponsoring or participating in this Katoomba meeting, please please contact:
Gena Gammie
+1 202 446 1979
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