COP 21. Development and Mitigation Futures: MAPS & DDPP Conference

The MAPS Programme (Mitigation Action Plans & Scenarios) and DDPP (Deep Decarbonisation Pathways Project) teams are hosting a three-day conference; Development and Mitigation Futures: MAPS & DDPP Experiences, in Paris, France on the 3rd, 4th and 6th of December 2015.

The Development and Mitigation Futures Conference is an invitation only space for reflection and research collaboration both within the MAPS and DDPP communities, and with highly regarded external experts. The conference is jointly hosted by the Mitigation Action Plans & Scenarios (MAPS) Programme and the Deep Decarbonisation Pathways Project (DDPP).

The conference will discuss approaches to advance domestic mitigation policies towards low carbon prosperous societies. It is based on the learnings emerging from more than five years of work under the DDPP and MAPS initiatives. MAPS brings the experiences from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, South Africa and research collaboration with the Centre for Policy Research in India. DDPP has developed national decarbonisation pathways in 16 countries, including all large emitters.

The results of the Technical Sessions will inform a High-level Dialogue with key decisions-makers on 6 December. The dialogue is also convened by MAPS and DDPP.

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation funds Brazilian, Chilean and Peruvian components.


About the event:
On Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th December at 09h00-18h30, at Mercure Paris Suffern Tour Eiffel, Paris the teams are hosting two days of technical workshops. These invitation only workshops will discuss approaches to advance domestic mitigation policies towards successful low carbon societies.
On Sunday 6th December at 10h30-12h30, at Pavilion Wagram, Paris, the teams will host a high-level dialogue on how countries can advance their transition to prosperous low carbon societies. The event will bring together senior representatives from national Governments, businesses, the donor community and non-profit organizations.
More information:
MAPS, Fact sheet, Embassy of Switzerland, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC
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