Business mission to Brazil


Meeting between brick-makers and technology suppliers in Brazil

The EELA Project held a business meeting in Brazil from 26 -29 April, geared to link up the sector stakeholders: brick makers, machinery suppliers and the financial sector supporting new technology and improved production.

As part of its mission, the EELA Project promotes growth in the brick sector, offering capacity-building with the stakeholders of the brick production chain, such as producers, equipment and services suppliers and financial agencies, with a systemic or market approach. This year, the project will organise the Business Mission to the Río Grande do Norte region in Brazil, facilitating South-South cooperation.

The main aim of the meeting was for the brick makers and technology suppliers to have a guided visit to learn about the new energy-efficient kilns that have been validated and are successfully operating in Brazil, such as Cedan, mobile and car kilns.

The Business Mission schedule included visits to the cities of Seridó and Assú in the Río Grande do Norte region, where the participants were able to visit various brick-making companies, such as  “Cerâmicas São Francisco”, where they saw the Cedan kiln; Cerâmica Tavares, which has a beehive kiln; Cerâmica Portal do Vale, which uses the mobile metal kiln; and Cerâmica Pataxó, where they saw the quick-dry system in a mobile metal kiln.

The meeting participants were received by the local producers and were able to see first-hand the different kiln models used to make bricks. On this occasion, the meeting organisers felt it was important for the brick producers and the kiln manufacturers to give the event participants a joint presentation of how the technologies operate, and answer their questions together.

The Business Mission was organised by the Energy Efficiency in Latin American Brickyards Programme to Mitigate Climate Change (EELA) – a Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) initiative, implemented by Swisscontact – in alliance with the National Institute of Technology (INT), the EELA Programme’s executive partner in Brazil.

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