31 years of the environmental cooperation between Chile and Switzerland

From this Embassy, we are committed to facilitate spaces for technical exchange and collaboration to address climate change. With the tremendous work of the State of Chile in climate action and commitment.not only are they managing to be a world reference regarding climate ambition, but they also set an example in good practices at regional level, as they are a driving force in the region in electromobility in public transport,” Markus Dutly, Ambassador of Switzerland in Chile highlighted within the framework of the celebration of 31 years of cooperation between the two countries.

Markus Dutly, Ambassador of Switzerland in Chile
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Anton Hilber, Director of International Cooperation of the SDC in Peru and the Andean Region, and Rafael Millán, Regional Programme Officer of the Regional Hub Lima SDC also attended the celebration, as they travelled to Chile to participate in different activities within the framework of the Climate and Clean Air in Latin American Cities Project (Proyecto Clima y Aire Limpio en Ciudades de América Latina, CALAC+), which is implemented in Santiago, Mexico, Lima and Bogota.

Markus Dutly, Ambassador of Switzerland in Chile, received the Chilean delegation and swiss cooperation at his residence, an appropriate space to discuss the global challenges we face to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. The executive director of the Chilean development cooperation (AGCID), Enrique O’Farrill, the head of the International Affairs office of the Ministry of Environment, Constance Nalegach, as well as various government authorities, public and private institutions, and local actors who implemented environment and climate change projects.

“We face an unprecedented challenge, which is to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, at the latest. Chile set this in the Climate Change Law, and, in order to achieve it, all sectors must move towards a new development model. Electricity generation, agriculture, mining, and transport, to give some examples, must consider the goal and the path set by the country,” said Constance Nalegach, highlighting that initiatives such as CALAC+ “help to make this happen.”

Finally, Enrique O’ Farrill from the AGCID, highlighted Switzerland´s support and cooperation in environmental matters, which is reflected through numerous initiatives, through which “Chile has been able to strengthen its environmental regulations, reduce air pollution in the country’s main cities, incorporate cutting-edge technology that allows the reduction of particulate matter emissions in public transport, waste management, among others,” he concluded.

The enormous environmental challenges posed by climate change have made Swiss cooperation with Chile very close. The main initiatives implemented by the Regional Hub Lima – SDC were in the areas of water, air quality and renewable energies, among others. Also noteworthy is the contribution in the forestry area through the NAMA (Nationally Appropriated Mitigation Action Plans) and Andean Forests projects, in the development of the National Strategy on Climate Change and Vegetation Resources, implementing GHG emissions mitigation action plans, thus strengthening cooperation in the Andes to promote the implementation of mitigation and adaptation strategies as an effective instrument to address climate change, among others.

Source: , Ministry of the Environment of Chile

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