[A Look at the Progress of Start-Ups 2022 and Pitching Night] Water and sanitation for the most vulnerable communities in the region

After a rigorous assessment of the business model’s value proposal, demand, and technical feasibility during the prototyping phase to arrive at a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), the Young Water Fellows kicked off their pilot projects. The goal of this second field implementation was to demonstrate the impact of their products and/or services, benefiting vulnerable communities, and to initiate promotion and sales activities for the development of their start-ups.

During the implementation phase, approximately 2,400 people benefited from improved access to water, sanitation and hygiene services through services that include modular water purification plants for informal settlements in Colombia; a new toilet module installed inside the housing units and independently from traditional water and sewage networks with rainwater harvesting and solar energy in the Peruvian Amazon; water kiosks using filtering systems from residual açaí seeds in Brazil; surface water monitoring through remote sensing as well as design and implementation services for drinking water supply and basic sanitation systems in Bolivia; briquettes to increase the lifespan and eliminate odour from latrines and cesspits in Peru; and granular powder that converts liquid water into solid to reduce the need for irrigation water for agricultural needs in Argentina.

The start-ups also started sales, and five of them are already working with clients or are negotiating since the completion of their pilot project.

The fellowship helps many entrepreneurs or people who wish to start an entrepreneurship. In Latin America, it is very fulfilling to know and be part of this community, we are very happy to be part of this edition, hoping that Bolivia will be considered again on another occasion, as there are many who would be happy to know and be part of it. I also hope that in the future there may be the possibility of a meeting between the different Fellows of this and other editions, to learn more about the growth and opportunities each one had”.

Team GeoWaku, Bolivia

Pitching Night

After 10 months of validating their business models, the Young Water Pitching Night was held on February 28th, where the start-ups led by young people from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, and Peru had the opportunity to present their social enterprise and impact on actors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the Latin American water and sanitation sector.

The event allowed the Young Water Fellows to make a 3-minute pitch, which allowed them to present their progress as a social enterprise and the lessons learned from their pilot projects live through the Streamyard platform, and then interacted with the audience through virtual networking tables.

We invite you to learn more about each of these innovative Start-Ups:

  • Hydroplus – Argentina (web)
  • Innoaguas – Bolivia (web)
  • Ver o Fruto – Brasil (web)
  • Awa – Perú (web)
  • Geowaku – Bolivia (web)
  • Yakumay – Bolivia (web)
  • WS22 – Colombia (web)
  • Brixsan – Perú (video)

Source: YWS

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