[Andes resilient to climate change] Scaling up learning

In Somos magazine: A GOOD HARVEST. ECO-HEROES Photo exhibition.

Gumercindo Crispin, the yachachiq of vegetables. Learn more about him in the Yachay Ruwanapaq magazine, printed by the PACC Peru project

The exhibition was open to the public until October 23 of this year, and highlighted stories collected for the “Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC Peru)” project, a Swiss Cooperation (SDC) project, facilitated by the consortium HELVETAS Swiss Inter-cooperation and Inter-institutional Intercooperation Consortium, Center for Disaster Study and Prevention – PREDES, Libélula, University of Zurich for eight years.

Somos magazine, in its issue of  14 September, 2019, published an article on the “ECO-HEROES” photo exhibition, highlighting the stories and photos from the Yachaykusun magazine, (Pacc Peru, SDC, Minam, Helvetas, 2014), Lessons from the Earth  (Minam-PACC Peru-SDC, Helvetas, 2015), and Yachay Ruwanapaq (PACC Peru, SDC, Midis,  Minam -2017)

The “PERUVIAN WAY” was a photographic exhibition that presented stories of ancestral wisdom in the face of climate change. The exhibition is part of the Environmental Anthology project, which compiles chronicles, photographs and info-graphics on environmental issues, produced by the Ideas Factory for various publications of the public and private sectors and international organisations.

2019 09 PACC PERU - Muestra fotográfica ECOHEROES
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Scaling experiences and lessons up to regional level

Drawing on over eight years of experience with the PACC PERU project in the Cusco and Apurimac regions, Swiss Cooperation SDC felt it was important to scale up the learning to the regional level. The Andean Regional Initiative on Adaptation to Climate Change (ANDES RESILIENTES) was designed to help increase the resilience of the most vulnerable communities living in the mountain ecosystems of the Andes to the effects of climate change and natural hazards by increasing their food and water security through the sustainable management of natural resources.

This initiative is facilitated by the consortium HELVETAS Swiss Inter-cooperation and the Avina Foundation, and will be implemented in the high Andean region of Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru, in coordination with their Ministries of Environment and Agriculture, fostering partnerships with peers in the Swiss Alps, the Himalayas and other countries in Latin America such as Colombia, Chile and Mexico.

Background. PACC Peru

The Climate Change Adaptation Programme (PACC – Peru) was a bilateral cooperation initiative between the Ministry of the Environment (MINAM) and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).  It operated from 2009 to 2016, aiming to increase the capacity of the vulnerable rural Andean populations of Cusco and Apurimac to adapt to the main challenges of climate change, reducing the impacts on their livelihoods, through effective action by public and private players.

One of the main lines of action of the project’s second phase was its collaboration with the Social Development Cooperation Fund (FONCODES) of the Development and Social Inclusion Ministry (MIDIS), to incorporate climate change adaptation criteria and practices in the Haku Winay/Noa Jayatai rural productive capacity development project. It aims to reduce the adverse impact of climate variability risks and change on the productive assets of the families which took part, and to ensure greater environmental sustainability in their productive technologies.

For further information:
Andes Resilientes Regional Initiative, fact sheet, Swiss Embassy in Peru, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
PACC Peru Project, fact sheet, Swiss Embassy in Peru, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
Somos magazine: “La increíble exposición fotográfica de peruanos que hacen frente al cambio climático


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