The Swiss President, Doris Leuthard, visited the “Voices for the Climate” Ecological Park accompanied by the minister Elsa Galarza.

Accompanied by the Minister for the Environment, Elsa Galarza, the president of Switzerland, Doris Leuthard, visited the ecological park “Voices for the Climate”, in the district of Santiago de Surco, in Lima (Peru). The mayor of Surco, Roberto Gómez Baca; the Swiss Ambassador in Peru, Hans-Ruedi Bortis; and the director of Swiss Cooperation in Peru (SDC), Martin Jaggi also took part in the visit.

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During her walk, Doris Leuthard congratulated the Peruvian authorities for the development and joint management of the “Voices for the Climate” park, which is an area that freely provides information and raises the awareness of civil society where we can all learn in a friendly and interactive manner how to react to climate change.

The Environment Minister, Elsa Galarza, stressed the friendship and cooperation links between Peru and Switzerland, a country which has been one of the main partners in promoting climate action in the country. She said that the issues of climate change are especially important for Peru, and that in the years of cooperation with Switzerland, Peru has had more information and analysis for the country’s politics can increasingly include climate change to the benefit of the public. “Each and
every Peruvian must understand that our development depends on the actions we take, an and that these must have a climate focus”
, she said”.

The minister announced that this year, the Ministry of the Environment (MINAM), together with the Surco Municipality, and thanks to the Swiss Cooperation project “Support for the Climate Change Management”, the content of each of the pavilions in the Voices for the Climate park will be updated, and new entertaining tools will be developed, with interactive modules that will present the Nationally Decided Contributions, the country’s commitment for adapting ourselves to the effects and to mitigate the causes of climate change.

It should be mentioned that the Swiss Confederation has provided Peru with permanent support for implementing environment policies in very diverse issues via the Environment Ministry and other government department.

In the “Perú Natural” component, Swiss support is reflected in the “Climate Change Management Support Project”, “Climate Change Adaptation Programme”, “Project for the Management and Productive Use of Water from Glaciers”, “Project on Mountain Forests and the Management of Climate Change in the Andes”, to name a few. Moving on to “Perú Limpio”, Swiss cooperation has worked on the project “Improving and expanding the comprehensive management of solid waste in Chiclayo, the project “Sustainable Recyclable Industries” and the “Programme for Energy Efficiency in Artisanal Brick making”.

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