As part of the initiatives to promote the region through the Global Andean Programs, we are pleased to share some of the activities carried out in the second semester of the year, which will have the technical and financial support of the Global Water Program of the Swiss Cooperation COSUDE.


If you require further information about these, you can contact us at: lim.cosude@eda.admin.ch .

On this occasion, we present the publications edited under Proyecto Glaciares+ and Bosques Andinos (Andean Forests). We wish you a good reading.


“I International Symposium on Transboundary Water for Latin America”
November 8 – 9 2018, Lima – Peru

The symposium addresses the need to engage in discussions to build consensus on water governance in Latin America, in a transboundary context. Therefore, it is necessary to create regional opportunities that help strengthen institutions in transboundary water management according to International Water Law. This high-profile event will include the participation of the main decision makers of the region on transboundary basins, as well as the relevant international experts.

Objective.  To highlight the importance of discussions on the significance of transboundary basins in the region, and explore new opportunities for cooperation and exchange of experiences with participants.

Organization. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, through the National Water Authority of Peru, with the support of international organizations such as the Organization of American States (OAS), the Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), the Natural Resource Conservation Unit (UICN), and with the cooperation of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (COSUDE).

Further information:
Concept Note (ESP/ENG)


“Innovations in Water Management – Mutual Pollination to Improve our Impact”
F2F RésEAU of COSUDE for Latin America and The Caribbean
November 5 – 7 2018, Lima – Peru


The Sub-RésEAU LAC is a network of professionals from COSUDE and its partners involved in water programs and projects in Latin America and The Caribbean (ALC).

Thematic approach. The general thematic approach will be innovations in water management, and horizontal learning processes will be promoted among participants. This approach will highlight: i) Territory water governance, ii) Integrated basin management, iii) Water footprint and corporate water management, and iv) Circular economy in drinking water and sanitation.

Organization. Sub-RésEAU LAC of the Swiss Cooperation COSUDE

Further information:
Conceptual note (ESP)
Web RésEAU Shareweb – SDC’s Water Network Platform


“4th Blue Certificate Award Ceremony”
Recognizing Water Responsible Companies
November 7, 2018, Lima – Peru

The Blue Certificate is the recognition awarded by the National Water Authority to water responsible companies participating in the “Water Footprint Program” who have successfully committed to having their water footprint measured and reduced, and have successfully implemented their shared value program.

The National Water Authority will disseminate the actions implemented under the Water Footprint Program and the good practices of the participating companies.

Companies recorded.  So far, the following companies have registered in the shared-value program: Esmeralda Corp., Instituto Tecnológico de la Producción/Technological Production Institute – Ica, Minera Coimolache, Fénix Power Perú, Compañía Eléctrica El Platanal/El Platanal Electrical Company, Camposol S.A., Nestlé Perú, UNACEM, TERMOSELVA S.R.L., and MEXICHEM PERÚ.

Organization. National Water Authority with the support of the SuizAgua Project – El Agua nos Une (Water unites us) of the Swiss Cooperation COSUDE

Further information:
Web Blue Certificate
Web SuizAgua – Water unites us


Links of interest:
Web Global Water Program
Brochure Global Water Program


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