[Andean Forests in Apurimac] II Regional Colloquium “Studying Natural and Forest Resources”

This colloquium was the perfect event for professionals and students interested in research to strengthen their forest and environment-related capacities with a view to bringing technological innovation to the Region in the future. It was also an opportunity to get young professionals involved in forestry development.

The event, held last August 23 and 24, was organized by the Regional Bureau of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, in accordance with the Work Plan of the activity Building Capacities to Promote Technological Innovation, framed within the project “Enhancing Institutional Management within the Forestry Activity in Twenty Micro Basins and Four Sub-basins in the Apurimac Region.” This project is being conducted as part of the Sacha Tarpuy Program (Managed Forests).

During the inauguration, Regional Governor, Wilber Venegas Torres, noted that Apurimac offers great opportunities, hence the importance of investing towards a sustainable future. “This is the era of knowledge; therefore, it is crucial for the young professionals of today to get involved in research studies, and thus contribute to the development of the country and the region”, he pointed out.

The event featured presentations by internationally, nationally, and regionally renowned experts, representatives of the public sector, civil society and academia. The presentations addressed issues related mostly to water resources; economic valuation; adaptation to, and mitigation of, climate change; forests and biodiversity; local knowledge; dialogue of knowledge and social dynamics; risk management (national case studies), among others.

The Andean Forests Program took part in the event, with presentations by researchers Jan Baiker, Alvaro Cabrera, Carlo Reyes, Isabel Guerrero, and Carlos Minaya, who have worked with the program.

About the Andean Forests
The Andean Forests Program is being implemented in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Argentina and Chile, and has strategic public and private partners and allies in each of these countries. Conducted as part of SDC’s Global Program Climate Change and the Environment, it combines expert knowledge, practical relevance, and the setting of regional and international guidelines related to the matter. It adds to, and is supported by, actual successful experiences of actors at international agencies specialized in forests and climate change.

Useful Links:
Andean Forests, project sheet, Swiss Embassy, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
Web Andean Forests Program


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