“El agua nos une” (EANU) was present at EXPO AGUA 2023

Given the growing climate crisis and the increasingly alarming vulnerability to water stress, there is an evident need to take immediate actions involving all stakeholders, from national and local authorities to the private sector and civil society.

From October 4th to 6th, the Expo Agua y Sostenibilidad 2023 was held, an event that brought together various professionals and experts in these fields to share successful experiences, innovative solutions, and trends related to water resource management. During this meeting, the “El Agua Nos Une” (United for Water, EANU) project participated in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment (Ministerio del Ambiente).

Over the three days of the event, the EANU project team had the opportunity to present and share information about the activities they are carrying out in one of their lines of execution:   natural infrastructure (NI) for water conservation. These activities include the production of seedlings of native tree species for afforestation and reforestation of areas of hydrological importance in the upper Rimac River basin, the systematization of NI initiatives in the Rimac River basin, the knowledge dissemination about the implementation of NI at local and regional levels, and the evaluation of mechanisms and financial incentives to strengthen efficient water management, among others. These activities aim to ensure the conservation of water-supplying ecosystems, which play a crucial role in providing both quantity and quality of water for the basin’s residents.

Additionally, during the meeting, advances in corporate water management promoted by the project in collaboration with the National Water Authority (Autoridad Nacional del Agua, ANA) were highlighted. These activities include the promotion and support for medium and small businesses to obtain the Certificado Azul, as well as the training of various stakeholders in topics related to water footprint. The Certificado Azul (Blue Certificate) is the recognition awarded by the National Water Authority (Autoridad Nacional del Agua, ANA) to water users who demonstrate responsible water management.

EXPOAGUA 2023 - Participación del Proyecto El Agua nos Une
Project team at Expo Agua 2023, sharing information on topics related to Natural Infrastructure and Corporate Water Management.

The Expo Agua y Sostenibilidad 2023 represented a valuable opportunity to establish dialogues and agreements with various institutions and experts in the field. This event marked a significant step for the project toward finding joint solutions and measures that contribute to improving the sustainable management of our water resources. It was also a great opportunity to encourage society to assume the shared responsibility of protecting these water sources for future generations. Awareness and coordinated action are key to overcoming current and future challenges related to water and climate change. 

About the “El Agua Nos Une” project in Peru

“El Agua Nos Une” (EANU) is a project funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (COSUDE) and executed by a consortium formed by the NGOs CARE Peru and Sabavida. The EANU project promotes sustainable water governance by coordinating with various stakeholders, strengthening the capacities of authorities and companies in water resource management, and raising awareness among civil society about responsible water use.

The EANU project works closely with various institutions through knowledge management to support evidence-based decision-making in all organizations involved in water management. Furthermore, EANU strives to strengthen the work of institutions in their coordination with the private sector.

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