[El Agua nos Une / Water Unites Us] VII Blue Certificate Award

The on-line ceremony recognized the great efforts companies have made for water resources management. These companies that have reduced their water footprint and have won the Blue certificate.

The event was sponsored by the National Water Authority (MINAGRI) and had the firm support of the Swiss Embassy in Peru through its cooperation agency (SDC); 2030 WRG; the Pacifico Business Alliance Committee (Peruvian Chapter), and the NGO Agualimpia.

The programme had three sections. In the first, leaders and authorities commented on why the Blue Certificate had become such a valuable tool for water management.

This was followed by a discussion regarding the experiences of the companies that decided to apply for the Blue Certificate and those that have recently started the process. Finally, a panel of experts commented on water management and the water footprint, and discussed why the government which is in the public sector should continue to foster these private sector efforts to manage water.

Markus-Alexander Antonietti, Ambassador of Switzerland to Peru, opened the event with the words: “Water Unites Us began in 2017, and ANA continues to be a key ally, officially awarding the Blue Certificate in public recognition of companies that voluntarily measure and reduce their water footprint and hold activities in the basin to offset their impact on water resources. Water Unites Us set out to support companies in obtaining the Blue Certificate, a goal that has been surpassed, with new public and private stakeholders involved“.

Markus-Alexander Antonietti, Ambassador of Switzerland to Peru

“We will continue to support these initiatives, making the most of Peru’s experience in designing water promotion and efficiency mechanisms to use in other countries in the region, such as Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, and the Pacific Alliance, to assist the countries’ sustainable development and integrated water resource management”, he said.

Amarildo Fernández, the director of the ANA, said that with this award, twelve companies have been certified, over 3 million cubic meters of water saved and over 33 thousand people benefited. He added that, to date, twenty-nine companies have applied for the Blue Certificate, making investments of around USD 2 million in projects to protect water resources.

Amarildo Fernández, director of the ANA

Blue Certificate projects have mobilised nearly US$2 million for investment in loss reduction, water quality recovery and regulation” he said.

The Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Jorge Montenegro Chavesta, highlighted that the Blue Certificate maintains public-private synergy, and is an opportunity for the business sector to contribute to meeting local water needs, by committing to increase the efficiency of water use, improve quality and protect natural sources and basins.

Jorge Montenegro Chavesta, Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation

The ceremony continued and the following companies were awarded the Blue Certificate: Agrícola Cerro Prieto (Agroexportación – La Libertad); Agrícola Don Ricardo (Agroexportación – Ica); Constructora La Santa Cruz (Servicios – Ayacucho); and UNACEM (Construcción – Lima) for their efforts in the care and efficient use of water.

Recognition to UNACEM
Recognition to the company “La Santa Cruz”

Two companies were recognized for renewing their certification: Compañía Eléctrica El Platanal S.A. (Energy – Lima); and Termoselva (Energy – Ucayali).

Companies that renew the Blue Certificate

The event organisers welcomed the companies that have registered to obtain the Blue Certificate this year: San Miguel Fruits (Agroexport – Ica and La Libertad), Textil del Valle (Textiles – Ica), CONURMA Ingenieros (Services – Lima), La Arena S.A. (Mining – La Libertad) and Shahuindo S.A. (Mining – Cajamarca).

Welcome to new companies that join the Blue Certificate

The following videos demonstrate the steps that need to be taken to achieve the Blue certificate, a valuable and innovative tool, and the specific action to make real change in water management in Peru. The panel of experts was composed of women leaders from the public and private sectors, who have made and continue to make a real difference regarding decisions over water management.

Lucía Ruiz, expert in designing and implementing public policies on water and the environment, and former Minister of the Environment
Sandra Alencastre, Director of Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability at The Coca-Cola Company
Fabiola Sifuentes, President of the Water Committee of the National Society of Mining, Oil and Energy and Environmental Planning Manager of Antamina mining company.
Leslie Sarná, Managing director of Irrigadora Cerro Prieto and spokeswoman for the Pacific Alliance Business Committee Technical Group on  Corporate Water Management.
Tania Laguna, specialist at the National Water Authority Water Resources Management department, which is in charge of the Blue Certificate.

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