First Meeting of Ambassadors and Ministers in the Amazon for Climate Change.

The meeting will be an opportunity to bring this issue to the attention of people nationwide, and hopes to continue adding stakeholders to face common challenges in the Amazon, and propose a development path in a context of climate change, prioritising issues such as afforestation and avoidance of plastic and toxic waste water pollution.


“The international summit seeks to create a discussion on priority actions to address the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change,” said Silvio Valle Lomas, mayor of Masisea.

Swiss support

It is appropriate for SDC, in the framework of the second phase of the GESTION CC (CC Management) Project, to support this international summit, which seeks to convert into action the commitments assumed by the Peruvian government in the Paris Agreement, through its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC); and to support the process initiated by the Ministry of the Environment with the various stakeholders of national, regional and local government, civil society, the private sector and indigenous communities.


The initiative is led by the District Municipality of Masisea and has the support of the national government, through the ministries of Environment, Culture, Education and Foreign Affairs and the Bicentennial Commission; the regional governments of San Martín and Ucayali; the Inter-ethnic Association of Development of the Peruvian Forest (AIDESEP); the National Federation of Native and Salaried Indigenous Artisan Women of Peru (Femucarinap); the World Wide Fund for Nature; and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) through the Climate Change Management Support Project (GESTIONCC).

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