International Workshop on Cement Additives

Cement production is an important source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Peru. The industry is estimated to have emitted around 6.1 million tons of CO2e by 2010, or approximately 8 per cent of national emissions, excluding those from the forestry sector.

However, there is great potential for reducing emissions through the introduction of competitive mitigation measures such as co-processing, energy efficiency and the reduction of clinker content in cement.

The Ministry of Production is leading the initiative, promoting a Cleaner Production Agreement in which each actor voluntarily commits to collaborate with the implementation of NAMA from its respective role. The objective of NAMA is to develop a framework to promote competitiveness in the Peruvian cement industry by reducing GHG emissions while generating co-benefits.

The event is organised by the Ministry of Production (PRODUCE), the Ministry of the Environment (MINAM), the Association of Cement Producers (ASOCEM) and has the technical and financial support of the Swiss Cooperation, in the framework of its Low Carbon Cement Project (LCC). SDC will bring an expert from Cuba to participate in the conference.


The event will disseminate the technological, economic and climate benefits of the use of cement additives in Peru.


Nama Cemento:

For further information:

PDF Catalogue of Mitigation Options of the Plan CC Project (page 72 – 87 Industrial Processes Sector)

LCC Project, project file, Swiss Embassy, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC

GestionCC Project, project file, Embajada de Suiza en Perú, Agencia Suiza para el Desarrollo y la Cooperación COSUDE

Within this context, the Low Carbon Cement Project (LCC) is an initiative whose objective is to establish LC3 as a viable and reliable ecological cement. The project seeks to validate scientifically the technical, economic and ecological feasibility of LC3



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