International Workshop on Nanoparticles.

The transport sector in Latin America is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions and a primary cause of black carbon release, and badly affects public health and climate.

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Under increasing pressure from the public and civil society to remedy air pollution problems in cities, authorities in a growing number of Latin American cities have intensified their efforts to design, adopt and implement strategies for integrated public transport systems, and low emissions of greenhouse gases and soot for off-road machinery.


Resaltar la importancia de redicir la concentración de nanopartículas en el aire y mostrar como opciones de solución el uso de filtros, tecnología Euro VI y movilidad eléctrica.

Swiss support

Switzerland has devoted its experience and long trajectory to finding innovative solutions for improving air quality through the work of leading private sector companies and the research of universities with an international reputation in this field. In recent years, it has taken an active role in these aspects at the global level (Climate and Clean Air Coalition, CCAC); and through the SDC, it has been working on the issue, within the framework of various projects in Latin America.

In the framework of the Climate and Clean Air Programme in Latin American Cities (PLUS), it is appropriate for SDC to support the implementation of this workshop, with a view to developing healthier and more sustainable cities, by promoting a shift towards soot-free and low-carbon urban buses and off-road machinery through the use of filters.

Organised by:

The event is organised in the framework of the CALAC+ project, through the Mexico City Environment Secretariat (SEDEMA) and Swisscontact, the Swiss NGO that implements the project.


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CALAC+ Project, project file, Swiss Embassy, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC



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