SIRWASH webinar 2: Formalising and strengthening institutions for supporting rural WASH services




Este es el segundo evento de la serie de seminarios web del Programa SIRWASH (Agua, Saneamiento e Higiene Rural Sostenible e Innovadora). En él se presentarán ejemplos de éxito en el fortalecimiento institucional para la prestación de servicios rurales de agua, saneamiento e higiene y su regulación, en particular a nivel de los gobiernos locales. El evento será multilingüe, con traducción simultánea al EN, FR, PT y ES.


Ms. Allison Woodruff
Principal Water Security Specialist, Water and Urban Development Sector Office, Sectors Group, Asian Development Bank

Ms. Woodruff is an environmental and natural resource economist with more than 15 years’ experience working on urban water supply and sanitation and natural resource management projects in Asia and the Pacific. As a Principal Water Security Specialist at the Asian Development Bank (ADB), she provides strategic, technical and policy advice and knowledge support to operational departments and developing member countries across the region on water security issues. Prior to joining ADB in 2008, she held positions with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, United Nations Development Programme, and other Canadian government and nongovernment organisations. She holds a Master of Science in Environment and Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Master of Science in Development Economics from SOAS University of London. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria, Canada.

Ms. Karina Ordoñez
Authority for Social Control and Regulation (AAPS), Bolivia

Ms. Ordoñez, born in the city of La Paz, Bolivia, was appointed as the Executive Director of the Water and Sanitation Authority (AAPS) on 26 February 2021, by the Ministerial Resolution N° 095. She is the first woman to assume the position of Highest Executive Authority, recognising her professional career as a graduate in Civil Engineering, with specialisation in Sanitary Engineering from the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés.  She has a postgraduate degree in Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) for the Basic Sanitation Sector, from the Universidad Andina Simón Bolivia, and a Diploma in Basic Sanitation Strategies from the NUR University, with a specialisation in the Management of Water and Basic Sanitation Projects. She has extensive professional experience in the management of drinking water and basic sanitation services, from a comprehensive approach to regulation, covering professional positions in planning, monitoring, control, supervision and oversight of services.

Mr. Bruce Uwonkunda
Deputy Chief of Party – Isoko y’Ubuzima Project, Water for People Rwanda

Mr. Uwonkunda has over 12 years of experience in WASH and Environmental Management, and joined Water For People in 2015 as a Senior Program Officer, being promoted to WASH Sustainability Manager in 2017. Mr. Uwonkunda currently acts as Deputy Chief of Party responsible for managing and coordinating all programmatic interventions and maintaining close collaborations with WASH sector stakeholders under the Isoko y’Ubuzima Project, a new USAID-funded THRIVE WASH Activity in Rwanda, awarded to Water For People. Since joining Water For People in 2015, he has worked on building the capacity of the national WASH institutions and the districts in which Water For People has partnerships in Rwanda, to ensure the sustainability of WASH facilities, using various tools. From 2010 to 2015, he worked with Rwanda’s Ministry of Infrastructure and the Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC), formerly EWSA, where he has been involved in different policy formulation and reforms that have occurred in the WASH Sector in Rwanda. Throughout his career, he has focused on water treatment processes, water supply and distribution systems, water quality assessment and monitoring, water resources management, wastewater treatment processes and plants, environmental protection, and management. He has a Master’s in Water Resources and Environment Management from the University of Rwanda and holds an advanced diploma in Hydraulic Engineering in River Basins from the Hydraulic Research Institute in Egypt.

H.E. Noun Pichnimith
Secretary of State, Ministry of Rural Development Cambodia

His Excellency Noun Pichnimith is the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Rural Development in Cambodia. He mainly oversees the development and implementation of different approaches in providing rural water supply, aiming to achieve the government strategy that by 2025, rural population will have 100% access to safe water. He initiates capacity building on both national and sub-national level. He is involved in cooperation with inter-ministries who are working in the water sector and with Development Partners (DP), International Organizations (IO), and Non-Government Organizations (NGO) who are working in the rural water supply and sanitation sector. He also works closely with the Ministry of Economic and Finance (MEF), DPs, IOs, and NGOs in securing  technical assistance and financial support. His Excellency has a background in Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering, a Master’s in Management, and doctorate in Public Administration.

Mr. Jitendra Kumar Singh
Water Supply and Sanitation Specialist, Water and Urban Development Sector Office, Asian Development Bank

Mr. Singh is a Water Supply and Sanitation Specialist in the Water and Urban Development Sector office of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). He is a Civil Engineer with a postgraduate degree in Environmental Engineering and Management and has over 21 years of working experience on various water supply and sanitation projects funded by international funding agencies including ADB, World Bank, and JICA. His areas of expertise include Water Engineering (potable water source, treatment, transmission, storage and distribution, and wastewater collection, treatment, and safe disposal); detailed engineering and preparation of tender documents using FIDIC conditions of contract. In his current role, he manages the Sanitation Financing Partnership Trust Fund within ADB that aims to improve access to safe sanitation in Asia and the Pacific.

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