[infographics] Towards the construction of regions resilient to climate change

Through its publications (articles, books, info graphics, etc.), SDC  shares the knowledge and experience achieved in the various projects that it has been promoting in the Global Programmes in the Andes, on the issues of water and climate change

On this occasion, we present three info graphics developed in the framework of the Glaciares+ (Glaciers+) Project completion, showing the work carried out in each of the regions in which the project was implemented: Ancash, Cusco and Lima.

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Ancash Region

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Lima Region

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Cusco Region

Glaciares+ is a Swiss-Peru Cooperation initiative in the framework of the Global Climate Change Programme of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), implemented by the University of Zurich and CARE Peru consortium; in alliance with the Ministry of Environment, ANA, CENEPRED, and the regional governments of Cusco, Ancash and Lima. Glaciares+ has promoted discussion forums for the dissemination and consolidation of the adaptation approach using multipurpose projects at national and regional Andean scale, identifying the conditions necessary for implementing them, and the challenges, opportunities and strategies involved.

For further information:
Glaciers+ Project, project file, Embassy of Switzerland, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
Web Glaciers+ Project


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