[#JoinTheChange for Climate Action] With SDC support, MINAM launches update of the National Climate Change Strategy 2050 (ENCC2050).

“We hope that Peru in 2050 will still maintain its links with cooperation and joint work, in the Americas, globally and, of course, with Switzerland. Together we will continue to work on all the difficulties and challenges caused by pandemics and above all climate change, and we will have learned to place value on science, technology and good governance,” said Markus-Alexander Antonietti, Swiss Ambassador to Peru, in the video presentation of the event.

Markus-Alexander Antonietti, Swiss Ambassador to Peru

The need for a National Climate Change Strategy to 2050 involves providing certainty and clarity on climate action that should guide low-carbon and climate-resilient sustainable development in Peru, which is reaching an international milestone by having a long-term strategy.”

These are the words of Gabriel Quijandría, Minister of Environment, at the virtual launch of ENCC2050. The launch was attended by high-level national and international participants and panellists, such as Laurance Tubiana, CEO of the European Climate Foundation, who stated “2050 may seem far away, but we must take the decision today. The journey to net zero emissions is not a solo journey. I therefore congratulate and encourage Peru in its initiative to commit to climate action”.

Gabriel Quijandría, Minister of Environment

With this, Peru has launched the main instrument for the comprehensive management of climate change to guide and facilitate national government action in the long term, six years after its last update.

Martin Jaggi, SDC Head of Cooperation in Peru and the Andean region, said: “Updating the ENCC2050 will be one of the Peruvian government’s core strategies. It will be a great opportunity for Peru in economic, social and environmental terms”.

Martin Jaggi, SDC Head of Cooperation in Peru and the Andean region

“The Climate Change Management Support Project – Phase 2, which is led by MINAM, funded by SDC and implemented by Libélula and South South North, supported the construction phase of the launch with advice and technical and communicational resources. It will also provide support during the participatory process, thus contributing to build the Peru that we all want”, concluded Jaggi.

In the words of Minister Quijandría “For successful climate action, every year matters, every action matters and every fraction of a degree matters to reach the goal of the Paris Agreement, through robust awareness that underpins decision making”.

Segment: Towards the participatory construction of the Peru we want by 2050

Presentation: A look at Peru’s climate action towards 2050. Rosa Morales Saravia, General Director of Climate Change and Desertification, MINAM

High-level panel: Towards the participatory construction of the Peru we want by 2050

About the ENCC2050

The ENCC2050 demonstrates the government’s intention to formulate public policy, integrating national and subnational needs and priorities, taking into account the processes and instruments the government has developed hand in hand with all Peruvians, ensuring inclusive and effective participation.

The updated strategy also complies with existing governance, institutional and regulatory frameworks, based on scientific evidence and available information.


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