A Call to Action:

Reappraising Paramos and Mountain Ecosystems

From 12-14 July the First International Congress on Paramos and Mountain Ecosystems was held in Bogota (Columbia), with the aim of conserving the paramo ecosystems, and promoting and consolidating sustainable development alternatives for peasant farmers and indigenous peoples, in order to  establish alternatives for managing these strategic ecosystems.

In the framework of the Mountains Week, the International Congress on Paramos and Mountain Ecosystems was held, an event which was attended by over 500 representatives from civil society, academia, international cooperation, Latin American peasant farmer and indigenous communities,  ministers, deputy ministers, ambassadors and high-ranking officials from Peru, Columbia, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and  Costa Rica. They gathered together to contribute to the dialogue and analysis of the strategic importance of the paramos and the mountain ecosystems in the Andean region, and the pressing problems they face, with the aim of laying the foundations for formalising strategic alliances, geared to the comprehensive management of the mountain lands in a context of climate change. In addition, through video streaming reproducing the event live, 24,000 people were able to be connected, as we could see.

During the three days of the congress, goals and actions were identified for themes such as productive systems, economic alternatives on and beyond the paramo, land use and environmental, cultural and ancestral education. We invite you to learn more about the Paramos and Mountain Ecosystems, through the presentations and experiences shared in the Congress, in the following videos (only in spanish).

First Day
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Luis Gilberto Murillo,
Minister of Environment
and Sustainable
Development, Columbia
Kurt Kunz, Swiss
Ambassador in Columbia
Maria Argüello, Director
Jorge Emilio Rey,
Governor of
Second day
First block
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Bert de Bievre, technical
secretary, Fund for the
protection of water,
Francisco Cuesta,
coordinator Biodiversity
Area, Condesan Ecuador
Manuel Peralvo,
coordinator Livelihoods
Area, Andean Forests
Discussion panel
first block
Second day
Second block
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Randy Muñoz, Glaciers
Project, Peru, SDC
Lenkiza Angulo, PACC
Project, Peru, SDC
Angela Andrade, Chair
Commission Ecosystems
Management, UICN
Discussion panel
second block
Third day
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High level panel
Call to Action
Roberto Quiñones,
Ecuadorean Embassy in
Signing of environmental
cooperation agreement
between Peru and

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Source: Columbian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development

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