1st Report on the National Forest and Wildlife Inventory

The Sierra ECOZONA covers a surface area of 35 263 940 ha, which represents approximately 27.44 per cent of the country.

The First National Forest and Wildlife Inventory in the Peruvian Highlands gives evidence of the wealth of resources and opportunities for developing Andean forest conservation, which can be found in the publication “Nuestros Bosques en Números”, which contains the results of the inventory of the four of Peru’s forest eco-zones: the coast, the highlands, the low jungle and the hydromorphic jungle (vulnerable to flooding).

The registration of the field data of this forest and wildlife inventory, carried out by the Peruvian Forest and Wildlife Service (SERFOR), started in 2013 and is gradually continuing to cover the whole of the national territory. In the areas already assessed, detailed information has been collated and systematised about species of flora and fauna, and their vulnerability level. In addition, information has been gathered regarding the amount of carbon contained in all the eco-zones analysed; an essential piece of information to assess the forests’ contribution to the mitigation of climate change.

So SERFOR is a strategic ally of SDC, and has been working in coordination through the Bosques Andinos programme, sharing specialist, practical and relevant information, while establishing practical relevance and regional and international trends.


Bosques Andinos is an initiative implemented in the countries which are part of the Andean mountain range and are included in the Global Programme of Climate Change and Environment of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and is facilitated by the Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation (Condesan) consortium.

For further information:
PDF Book: Nuestros Bosques en Números
Info graph: Inventario Nacional Forestal para la Ecozona Sierra (only spanish)

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