Plan to tackle climate change: Arequipa Regional Government Launches Campaign #AQPSostenible

The initiative is part of the plan drafted by the Arequipa regional government. Its objective is to commit the region’s public and private companies to action against climate change

The Arequipa regional government stands in the vanguard among the regions,  through drafting a plan for adapting to climate change, whose core is the sowing and harvesting of water, and additionally the use of renewable energy. The campaign’s main iniciatives are focused on fostering water storage, to ensure it is available in future; and energy, by generation with solar panels to make the most of the region’s great solar potential.

As part of this plan, last 6 of June, Yamila Osorio Delgado, Arequipa Regional Governor, presented the campaign #AQPsostenible, with the aim of promoting specific actions for tackling climate change in coordination with the Ministry of the Environment (MINAM) and the Regional Environment Authority (ARMA). It is worth emphasising that this initiative is part of the Support Programme for Climate Change Management, led by MINAM and funded by the Global Programme Climate Change and Environment of Swiss Cooperation (SDC).

The ceremony was held in the Mario Vargas Llosa Regional Library (Arequipa), and a number of public and private authorities and institutions took part: Yamila Osorio, Arequipa Regional Governor declared as a priority the agenda for climate change in her current administration, mainly in areas concerning solar energy and hydric stress.“This initiative arose to join public and private forces to ensure the availability in the future and also that they promote the development of the solar potential in the south of Peru, looking towards 2021”, she said.

Ms. Osorio indicated that these activities began as a result of the serious problems the region is facing with regard to water availability. “Water availability in Arequipa is irregular, scarce in the dry season and abundant in the rainy season, which has recently caused flooding”, she underlined.

At the launch, the governor announced the presentation of a draft ordinance to the Arequipa Regional Council to declare as a priority for their administration the implemenation of specific actions to tackle climate change thinking of the region’s future. “This initiative is part of a plan to 2021, which we will leave ready for the next governor”.

The governor went on to invite “Nicol”, a student at the Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe de CIRCA school, who during the swearing-in of the environmental brigades the previous evening, asked Arequipa’s students to draw pictures about what an ideal world would mean to them.

“In the name of the 25 schools which swore-in yesterday in your presence, I present you with this drawing which reflects the world we want and for which we will strive for  in every one of our activities”, explained the student.

As part of the campaign presentation and accompanied by the students, Governor Yamila Osorio took a selfie. “With  my thoughts mainly on children, today I am launching #AQPsostenible and I appeal to all the entities committed to the fight against the effects of climate change, and I ask the people of Arequipa to use this hashtag #AQPsostenible on the social media”, she finished. It is worth mentioning that the campaign hashtag started trending and has very powerful influencers on social media.

The launch took place in the presence of the representatives of the Office of the National Superintendent of Sanitation Services (SUNASS), the National Supervisor of Investment in Energy and Mining (OSINERGMIN); the Peruvian Meteorological and Hydrological Service (Senamhi); the National Water Authority (ANA); SEAL; and other important entities.

Below we share videos and pictures of the event:

Photo gallery
Video of Launch
Promocional Reel

The Project for Support for Climate Change Management is a project of the Peruvian Ministry of the Environment, funded by the Climate Change Programme of Swiss Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by the South South North alliance and the NGO Libélula. In the first phase it is stressing the question of water in Arequipa and the rainforessts of Ucayali, and is open to cooperate and join other initiatives for sustainable development that MINAM has been implementing across the country.

Source: Support Programme for Climate Change Management / Libélula / Gobierno Regional de Arequipa

Photos and video: Face book AQP Sostenible

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