Switzerland at LATINOSAN 2016

Representatives from 24 countries of the region, met at the IV Latin American Sanitation Conference in order to strengthen the commitment and political will to achieve universal access to sanitation equitably

Swiss Cooperation (SDC) provided the Peruvian government with strategic, operational and financial support for hosting the IV LATINOSAN 2016, in Lima, March 9 -11, through the Comprehensive Basic Sanitation Programme (SABA+).

We share with you the highlights.

1. Is an investment in water and sanitation worth and sustainable? 9 years later…
Impact of a water and sanitation investment in Peru (SABA), 9 years later…

2. Investing in Youth, Empowering Youth
“The youth is the future, and timely and effective investment in youth is key in solving the water-related issues” has been one of the key message highlighted by the campaign “lidéralo!”. Tens of young future water and sanitation professionals have been stimulating the public debate interviewing participants and exploring – in a creative way – how to accelerate the implementation of the SDGs in the region. They shared their views and recommendations with all the participants during the Latinosan closure. Latinosan country representatives reaffirmed their commitment to increase investment in education and capacity building.

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Some of the results worth reading:

about the campaign…
youth voices at the heart
of implementing the SDGs…
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(only spanish)
3. “Sanitation Regional Report” where we stand in Latin America and Caribbean , the way forward towards achieving SDG6″
The sanitation national report has been presented to the Latinosan participants. This was supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, World Bank, IDB, CAF, together with information delivered by the region countries.  The assessment from the sanitation infrastructure investments during the period 2012-2015 highlights the support with improved sanitation in the region to 59 million people, but 114 million inhabitants still remain without access to an improved sanitation system. Sanitation coverage in Latin America and the Caribbean for the period 2012-2015 had an average increase of 2% by year, both in urban and rural sanitation, going from 82% to 88% and from 52% to 58%, respectively. If this growth trend continues, the universal access would be reached in the urban area for the year 2022, as for the rural area would only get an 88% coverage for the year 2030, that is to say, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) objective would not be met. The annual average investment required to achieve the universal access to sanitation in the region is up to USD in the urban area and USD in the rural sector.

In a panel discussion moderated by Ms Cesarina Quitana and as one of the first magisterial conference, experts debated the lessons learned from the sector and priorities to achieve SDG6 in the region.   Besides the investment and infrastructure requirements, it is necessary to move in other dimensions such as: i) water governance; ii) innovative management approaches and models; iii) technological and social innovation; iv) water culture, capacity building and education.
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4. Water governance with equity
The decentralization of the water sector in Peru, a multi-level approach. Presentation of the Swiss Cooperation
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5. Technologies for safe drinking water
Experience of the Swiss Cooperation in the region
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6. Lima Declaration: LATINOSAN countries agree to prioritize government investments in rural areas
Reaffirming the countries commitment to reach the universalization of water and sanitation and the prioritization of government investments in rural, marginal areas, from vulnerable and indigenous groups, are two of the agreements from the Lima Declaration, made public during the last seminar of the Fourth Latin American Sanitation Conference (Latinosan) 2016, which was held in Peru.

More information:
Chronicle about SDC’s participation and support for LATINOSAN 2016 (PDF, only spanish)



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