MVCS and the Swiss Confederation signed a Declaration of Intent with the purpose of strengthening the management of cooperation between both institutions

Ratification of intentions confirms commitments of the Swiss Confederation through SDC in the Inter-Institutional Agreement framework executed with the MVCS.

The important document signed by Minister Edmer Trujillo Mori and the Swiss Ambassador Hans-Ruedi Bortis on December 13, 2016 will strengthen the exchange and implementation of good practices and knowledge that contribute to the decentralization of the National Rural Sanitation Program in various regions of the country.

Housing Minister Edmer Trujillo Mori explained that thanks to the support of the Swiss government, issues such as strengthening the staff of the decentralized offices of the National Rural Sanitation Program – PNSR, supporting this program in designing strategies and promoting projects of public investment in sanitation could be consolidated and, above all, in the development of drinking water supply solutions through rainwater harvesting or other non-conventional systems for rural Amazonian populations.

In turn, Ambassador Bortis, stressed that this declaration of intent is the consolidation of the transfer of the basic sanitation model – SABA, comprising 20 years of intervention and which has reached more than 2’000’000 people in rural areas In 14 regions of the country. This 20 year experience in the field of rural water and sanitation has been providing the sector with validated tools and intervention methodologies adapted to the rural environment, based on capacity and institutional strengthening.

Meanwhile, Martin Jaggi, Cooperation Director of SDC, said that it is an excellent opportunity to support the government and the sector, through SABA project professionals, in the challenging task of decentralization of the MVCS – National Program for Rural Sanitation, towards the regions and thus strengthen the decentralization of rural water and sanitation, gathering the work it has been doing these years in sub-national governments and communities. In addition, he stressed that the SABA model has also been extended to Colombia and serves for exchanges of experiences with other countries in the region.

The Swiss Confederation, through SDC Swiss Cooperation, has been providing technical and financial support to the Peruvian government in initiatives related to water and sanitation, in close coordination with the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation, seeking to increase access to services, coverage of water quality and basic sanitation services for the less favored rural areas of the Peruvian population and to enrich the global debate with the capitalization of experience.

Right to Left: Cesarina Quintana, National Senior Program Officer; Martin Jaggi, Cooperation
Director of SDC – Embassy of Switzerland; Hans Ruedi.Bortis, Swiss Ambassador to Peru;
Edmer Trujillo Mori, Minister of Housing, Construction and Sanitation;
and Gustavo Pablo Olivas Aranda, Deputy Minister of Construction and Sanitation.


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