Swiss Government offers support to Peru to face the “Niño Costero” event

The donation is aimed at rural zones of Piura and Lambayeque. The assistance focuses on providing Access to drinking water and safe sanitation.


The rainfall and floods caused by the “Niño Costero” event in the country have left so far, a toll of 78 people dead, more than 626,000 persons affected by loss or damage to their homes, thousands of hectares of flooded crops and the destruction of canals and public and private infrastructure, according to information provided by the Center for National Emergency Operations (COEN).

To date, 811 districts out of a total of 1851[1] have been declared in emergency situation, with Piura and Lambayeque being two of the regions most damaged by the event, where the Swiss Government has offered its support through Swiss Cooperation SECO and Swiss Cooperation COSUDE, two entities that have been working in these regions for some years already.

In this scenario, Switzerland has expressed its solidarity with the people and Government of Peru and has formalized its humanitarian aid offer to assist those most affected by the severe floods and landslides, providing safe water kits, hygiene, protection, portable drinking water plants, as well as technical assistance from rural water and sanitation experts.

An ally for Peru. In these dire moments Peru is facing, the Swiss solidarity seeks to assist the people of Piura and Lambayeque affected by the Niño Costero event in their recovery, so that in the shortest time possible they have Access to drinking water and safe sanitation.

Joint efforts. The experience of Swiss Cooperation in rural water and sanitation issues through its Project SABA Plus (executed by CARE Perú) covers rural areas in 14 regions of the country. It plays a role as facilitator through the COERs (Center for Regional Emergency Operations) in both regions with the support of the central office, INDECI and state sectors (ministries) that add to the support in the affected zones. It must be noted that the project SABA Plus has been working in joint efforts with the Regional Governments of these both regions, as well as with the Regional Health and Sanitation Offices, the last two named being part of the COER, and with which the project holds a close relationship since 2010.

The support offered will also be coordinated with the Regional Housing, Construction and Sanitation Offices, the Technical Areas of the Municipalities, entities in charge of providing technical assistance to the rural water and sanitation operators (JASS – Irrigation and Sanitation Boards).

Finally, the experience of CARE Perú in rural issues and in humanitarian aid, added to the ample background and experience in performance in emergency situations of Caritas del Perú, that offers its enormous logistics capacity, will make it possible for Swiss contribution to reach 2700 persons in the rural areas of the regions of Piura and Lambayeque.

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