Glaciares+ participates in the “Casa por Casa” [House-to-House] campaign in Huaraz

Families in Huaraz have now their flood safe zone and evacuation route maps at home

Two thousand families located in the very high danger zone of Quillcay sub-basin (Huaraz) received the 2018 Flood Safe Zones and Evacuation Routes Map Calendar, prepared within the Glaciares+ project framework.

The House-to-House campaign was promoted by Huaraz’s Civil Defense Platform, with active participation of the National Institute For Civil Defense of Ancash, the District Municipality of Independencia, the Regional Prefecture, the Glaciology and Water Resources Unit of the National Water Authority, the Huascaran National Park, the Fire Department, EPS Chavín [sanitation services provider], the Santiago Antúnez de Mayolo National University, the Supervisory Organism of Investment in Energy and Mines (Osinergmin), the Peruvian Army, Essalud [Social Security], the Peruvian Red Cross, and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation – SDC’s Glaciares Project.

The campaign aimed at strengthening the prevention culture and responsiveness of families in case of an eventual flood resulting from Lake Palcacocha overflowing. Thus, priority was placed on the most dangerous zone that was personally visited by authorities, institution representatives and volunteers to inform about the importance of this guidance material.

During the house-to-house visit a calendar was distributed, containing the flood safe zones and evacuation routes map that recommends three actions the whole family needs to consider: 1) identify their evacuation routes, 2) get their emergency backpack ready, and 3) locate the closest safe zones. The main emergency numbers were also included: Serenazgo [Municipal Security Force], telephone-based emergency call system, fire department and text messages.

During the visit to the alluvial cone, families were very receptive to the material and lauded the joint work of the institutions in favor of raising people’s awareness. It is worth mentioning the participation of Huaraz’s Small Brigade Members, boys and girls who visited the families and explained them the importance of prevention and readiness, and the map details.

The Glaciares+ Project is an initiative of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation Global Programme Climate Change and Environment in coordination with the National Water Authority (ANA) and the Ministry of the Environment. This project is implemented by the National Water Authority’s Glaciology Unit, the Regional Governments of Ancash, Cusco and Lima, and local governments and universities.


Source: Glaciares+


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