[New Publication: Bosques Andinos (Andean Forests) Bolivia] “Regenerating environmental functions in Andean river basins for climate change adaptation and mitigation”

The restoration of Andean forests’ environmental functions is in tune with climate change mitigation and adaptation objectives. The protection and restoration of native forests in the headwaters plays an important role for the water cycle and economy, the protection of biodiversity in Andean landscapes and also for the storage of considerable carbon reserves in the vegetation and soils, and in this way contributes to the resilience of Andean ecosystems and communities and to comprehensive climate change mitigation.

The Ministry of the Environment and Water (MMAyA) has adopted a series of measures for increasing forest coverage in priority basins through its sector plan and public forestation and reforestation investment plans, which are geared to increasing the coverage of both native forests for basin protection and “sowing water”, by planting forests to improve local communities’ economy.

Experience shows that basins with good forest cover are less likely to suffer drought and that forests also hold water and increase seepage, making flooding less likely.

The study integrates the results of CMIP 3 and CMIP 5 climate scenarios with an LPJ-GUESS forest sensitivity model to understand Andean forest climate scenarios better and to guide mitigation and adaptation action and policies.

This document is a significant contribution to the discussion about climate change in Andean forests.

Download the document here.

Bosques Andinos is an initiative in the Andean countries and is part of Swiss Cooperation’s Global Programme on Climate Change and Environment. It is facilitated by the Helvetas Peru – Condesan consortium.

For further information:
Bosques Andinos Project sheet, Swiss Embassy / Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
Bosques Andinos website
Bosques Andinos Platform


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