“On every leaf of the forest”

A documentary that takes us deep into the forests of Ecuador and Peru, and highlights their wonderful biodiversity

© on every leaf of the forest

The Andean forests are home to one of the most biologically and culturally diverse areas on Earth. These forests are affected by the impacts of climate change and ecosystem degradation. The Andean countries are proposing various solutions to meet the challenges posed by these profound changes.

© on every leaf of the forest

In 2018 and 2019, the Andean Forests Programme commissioned the film company Invisible Productions of Peru to make a documentary which would use audio-visual language to facilitate an emotional encounter between the viewer and the many forces shaping the recent changes in the Andean forests of Ecuador and Peru.

It was the start of an adventure that resulted in a beautiful 25-minute documentary, which integrates a series of elements rarely seen in similar productions in the region. It was produced with the interdisciplinary participation of important natural scientists, local and national authorities, personnel from several organizations involved in strategies for restoring the forests, and a wide range of local stakeholders who live in these ecosystems.

The documentary was filmed and scripted with several of the most innovative conceptual approaches and technical resources of current environment film-making, and includes solid research on the social, ecological and economic dynamics of Andean forests today. Similarly, the documentary’s pre-production, shooting and editing stages used anthropological field-work methods and the advice of the Andean Forest Programme specialists and technicians.

Last year the programme presented a series of edited excerpts from the documentary at various specialised academic events on the subject of Andean forests in Peru and Ecuador. They aroused great interest among a non-specialised audience and also an audience composed of specialists in sustainable development, filmmakers, visual artists interested in environmental conservation, militants, students, public policy-makers and researchers interested in mountain ecosystems around the world.

Enjoy it!

About Andean Forest (Bosques Andinos)

The Global Programme on Climate Change and Environment of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has been promoting the Bosques Andinos Programme in the Andes since 2014. The programme tackles climate change by consolidating and scaling up innovative instruments, practices and policies, making significant improvements in forest conservation and sustainable management, securing farmers’ livelihoods and reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs).

For further information:
Bosques Andinos, Project sheet, Embassy of Switzerland / Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
Bosques Andinos website
Bosques Andinos Platform


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