[Over half a century of Swiss cooperation in Peru and the world] Commitment and innovation: the emblem of a long partnership

On 9 September 2021, Swiss Cooperation (SDC) celebrated its 60th anniversary with a live broadcast from Bern (Switzerland), with the participation of key stakeholders from different parts of the world: Mali, North Macedonia, Nepal and Peru.

Peru was present, celebrating SDC’s 57 years in the country, through Rafael Millan, Regional Programme Officer, who spoke about the work in Peru on Climate and Clean Air, via the Calac+ Project, and how to use technology to achieve sustainable public transport that is less harmful to the health of millions of people in the region.

The segment highlighted the work of the Calac+ Project in the region and included the testimonies of Carolina Schmidt, Minister of Environment of Chile and Maria Jara, Executive President of the Urban Transport Authority for Lima and Callao (ATU).

You can find the live broadcast of the Peru segment in the link below.

57 years in Peru
Walking slowly to go far together
Adapted innovative solutions, the emblem of a long partnership

Ever since the first Swiss development professionals and the first cows arrived in Callao in 1964, the partnership between Switzerland and Peru has grown stronger and stronger. Over the years of its uninterrupted presence in the country, Switzerland has contributed significantly to economic integration and poverty reduction, working together with Peruvian government agencies, civil society and the private sector, and has implemented some 265 projects with a total investment of over 500 million dollars.

In the 57 years of Swiss Cooperation in Peru, Switzerland has contributed to the country’s development through its projects and programmes, which have followed a common pattern: flexibility to adapt quickly to the Peru’s needs, and a spirit of constant innovation together with its local partners.

FS History of the SDC in Peru
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60 years of commitment
Countless challenges mark the history of SDC in the world, and much remains to be done.

The fight against poverty and hunger, humanitarian aid, the promotion of health and education, economic development and global challenges are just some of the areas in which Swiss International Cooperation (IC) has been involved in the 60 years since it was created. The countless challenges that have marked its history require a constant capacity to adapt and a spirit of innovation.

Despite the great progress achieved, IC today faces diverse and complex global challenges: growing inequality, climate change, the emergence of new conflicts, the rise of authoritarianism, gender-based violence and discrimination undermining human rights etc. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated these challenges and jeopardises the achievement of the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, unanimously endorsed by the international community.

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