Peru Carbon Footprint” and “Blue Certificate-Water Footprint” platforms strengthen national measures to address climate change

MINAM and ANA presented the digital brochure “Footprints for Change”, joining forces to meet the climate challenge (NDC).

The digital platforms: “Carbon Footprint Peru”, of the Ministry of Environment (MINAM), and “Blue Certificate-Water Footprint” of the National Water Authority (ANA), which comes under the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Irrigation (MIDAGRI), help strengthen the measures that Peru has adopted to address climate change and action for sustainable economic recovery.

SDC has been working with a multi-sector approach, encouraging all stakeholders and sectors involved in the climate challenge to play an active part in the NDC, the national goals established to reduce vulnerability and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030.

SDC has now made available some innovative and free tools, which are useful for improving public and private organizations’ efficiency.

Growing climate commitment

To date, a total of 433 organizations nationwide are registered in Minam’s “Carbon Footprint Peru” platform, of which 190 have measured their GHG emissions, representing over 70 percent of the private sector.

Currently, over 43 percent of the organizations registered for this tool have calculated their GHG emissions. They have measured over 11 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2eq) and have reduced nearly 30 thousand tCO2eq. This is the equivalent of the average annual energy consumption of 105,685 households in Metropolitan Lima.

There are also 29 companies registered in the “Blue Certificate”. A total of 14 are already certified and 15 are in the process of being certified. Thanks to this certificate, 3.1 million cubic meters of water have been saved, benefiting over 42,000 Peruvians.

“Footprints for Change”

Both initiatives foster a commitment to concrete activities for tackling climate change, linking up government action in order to promote people’s welfare and the environment.

SDC has published “Footprints for Change”, a digital brochure which calls on companies and government agencies to commit to sustainability, by measuring their environmental indicators – their carbon footprint and water footprint – to manage their impact and put in place realistic reduction measures. Any organization can join these innovative initiatives and be recognized as climate-responsible.

A healthy environment in the face of climate change

MINAM and ANA are joining forces to promote climate change adaptation and mitigation measures. They are encouraging compliance with the commitments made in the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda.

Swiss Cooperation has joined them, to promote the initiatives of the “Peru Carbon Footprint”, supported by the UNDP and the NDC Support Programme; and the “Blue Certificate”, which has the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Peru, its cooperation agency, the 2030 WRG and the NGO Agualimpia.

In the year of Peru’s bi-centenary, these government ministries have been promoting a green economic recovery with a sense of urgency and ambition, presenting climate action as a necessity and an opportunity to move towards resilient and low-carbon growth, in which public and private organizations play a leading role.

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