Global Water Partnership



Access to Water Supply and Sanitation Services (WSS) remains a perennial challenge for the development community.

The historic interventions in the sector typically relied on financing infrastructure without adequately assessing the institutional framework and the needs of poor people. In addition there has been a lack of analysis of what worked at scale.

Against these challenges and since 2005, SDC partnered with the Water and Sanitation Programme (WSP) to improve global knowledge on WSS with emphasis on analytical and knowledge dissemination.

As the innovative arm of the World Bank Global Practice Team, WSP aims to replicate successful approaches, conduct targeted learning efforts and support reforms that ensure the adoption of sustainable investments in the WSS sector.

WSP provides its support through its network of over 125 technical staff in 25 countries across Africa, East Asia-Pacific, South Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.


To assist governments scale up water supply, sanitation services and hygiene programs for poor people.

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