Recognition awarded to companies that make efficient use of water

The National Water Authority awarded the Second Blue Certificate



The Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri) José Hernández, congratulated the companies that participate in the Blue Certificate for the efficient and responsible use of water in their production processes, which contributes to strengthening water safety in the country.

«Water is a priority of the government», stated the Minister of Agriculture, José Hernández, during the awarding ceremony of the Second Blue Certificate that took place on November 17, at the Swissotel. On this occasion, it was the company Termoselva S.R.L. that received the recognition for efficient use of water in its production process, reducing its consumption for the generation of electric power and the water footprint in its power plant «Aguaytía».

It was a good opportunity, as well, to congratulate the companies that recently joined the Blue Certificate program, being Nestlé Perú S.A., CELEPSA, Fenix Power Peru, UNACEM, CAMPOSOL and Compañía Minera Coimolache the companies ready to achieve the Blue Certificate next year. It is worth noting that these companies form part of the SuizAgua Project fostered by the Swiss Cooperation SDC in Peru and Chile.

The head of the ANA, Abelardo de la Torre, highlighted the importance of the program for the ANA and for the country, relevant for the promotion of efficient use of water, improving water management and achieving greater commitment from the private sector.

In turn, Roque Benavides, President of CONFIEP, noted the importance of integrated water management across the basin, considering environmental, social and economic development factors, being the private enterprise responsible for the sustainable use of water resources.

Meanwhile, Martin Jaggi, Cooperation Director of COSUDE, underscored the importance for the Swiss government to continue supportong the development of the country, particularly in Climate Change and Water subjects and, especially, through the project SuizAgua – Water Brings us Together, ratifying the commitment to continue supporting the development of the Blue Certificate Program headed by the National Water Authority (ANA).

Finally, José Hernández, Minister of Agriculture, closed the event congratulating the companies enrolled in the Blue Certificate program for their commitment to make efficient use of water in their production processes.

Below we invite you to learn more about this initiative through the testimonies of companies, actors committed to the efficient use of water resources.

Video in Spanish
Coimolache,rumbo al Certificado Azul
Video in Spanish
Camposol acepta el reto por la sostenibilidad hídrica
Video in Spanish
CELEPSA, aspirante al Certificado Azul
Video in Spanish
Nestlé, por la Certificación Azul de la ANA
Video in Spanish
Fénix Power y la importancia del uso sostenible del agua

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Source: ANA, Inforegión

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