SDC and Peruvian water and sewerage company, SEDAPAL present the Emergency Water Supply project, which aims to strengthen preparedness capacities for rapid response in the event of an earthquake

On April 11, during the visit to Peru of Beatrice Meyer, head of the Swiss Cooperation SDC for Latin America and the Caribbean, the technical teams of both institutions presented the scope of the Emergency Water Supply project, which aims to guarantee the availability of water for the population in the event of an earthquake measuring 8.8 on the Richter scale.

The agenda included a visit to the la Atarjea Water Treatment Plant, located in the district of El Agustino, which supplies drinking water to the city of Lima. There, SEDAPAL specialists explained the water purification process and the importance of this treatment plant for the capital’s water supply.

COSUDE y SEDAPAL presentan el proyecto “Agua en Emergencias”
Proyecto Agua en Emergencias (Emergency Water Supply project)

Given that Lima is located in a seismic zone and that in the event of an earthquake the infrastructure and the continuity of water and sanitation services could be affected, the SDC reaffirmed its commitment and support to SEDAPAL to minimize the impact on the service provision managed by this institution to the population.

Through the Emergency Water Supply project, SDC seeks to strengthen SEDAPAL’s resilience, as well as its preparedness and response capacities to ensure access to the basic services for the population in its jurisdiction, prioritizing attention to vulnerable areas and user groups.

We invite you to watch the following video prepared by SEDAPAL that summarizes the presentation of the project.

Proyecto Agua en Emergencias (Emergency Water Supply project)


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