[Señor de Qoylluritti: Culture, traditions and climate change] Photographic exhibition, costumes with tradition and identity in a context of climate change

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Preserving culture and tradition is as important as preserving nature and caring for the environment. The traditional feast of the Lord of Qoylluritti is a symbol that teaches us to love and appreciate the mountain and glaciers

The opening ceremony of the exhibition of the Señor de Qoylluriti, (the Lord of the Glittering Snow) was held on Thursday, June 27, at the Casa O’Higgins, with the participation of Judith Colina, manager of the Costume Museum; Martin Jaggi, SDC cooperation director, and Luis Repetto, director of the Riva-Agüero Institute’s Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions. The stage was shared by Markus-Alexander Antonietti, Swiss Ambassador to Peru; Roland Brun, Consul of the Swiss Embassy; and Esther-Marie Merz of the Swiss Cultural Fund. Several personalities, specialists and stakeholders from the public and private sectors linked to the themes of culture, art, glacial retreat and water resources management also attended.

The exhibition was open to the public until August 31, more than two months without interruption, was visited by over 90 thousand people, and became the most-visited show presented in the Casa O’Higgins this year.

The exhibition included the presentation of the costumes of the main dances of the festival, ritual and religious symbolism, the textile industry with its Cusco techniques, traditions and inputs, and using the experience of the Glaciers + Project as a basis, held an exhibition on the challenges and opportunities of climate change and glacial retreat in the Peruvian Andes, which hopes to provide lessons and experiences for the various communities that participate in this festival every year.

2019 06 Indumentaria Exposición Qoylluruti

The exhibition not only showcases the beautiful costumes of the characters who make the pilgrimage to the snow-covered mountain. It also shows that glacial retreat not only impacts the country’s ecosystem, water and water systems, but also has a strong impact on the culture and traditions that are vital for the people living in the vicinity of these snow-covered mountains.

Culture and climate change
Culture and costumes
Pictures of the inauguration

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