CLIMANDES in the 4th Regional Congress of Environmental Education

The National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru (SENAMHI) presented an educational meteorology guide in Paucartambo – Cusco

The purpose of the event is to disseminate the good practices in connection with the implementation of the environmental approach in EBR and socialize knowledge management tools and methodologies in curriculum planning.

In the Province of Paucartambo, Cusco, on September 20 – 21, the 4th Regional Congress of Environmental Education (CREA) 2018, organized by the Regional Technical Group of Environmental Education (GTREA) and the Local Educational Management Unit (UGEL) from Paucartambo, Cusco, took place.

Said congress was addressed at teachers and specialists from the three levels of Regular Basic Education (EBR), and fourteen Education Management Units (UGELs) from Cusco attended the congress. The main topic of the Congress was “Experiences and importance of climate data for Disaster Risk and Climate Change Management”. Its purpose was also to disseminate the good practices in the implementation of the environmental approach in EBR and socialize knowledge management tools and methodologies in curriculum planning.

The IV CREA 2018 was attended by representatives of the Ministry of the Environment (MINAM), the Ministry of Culture (MINCU), the Ministry of Education (MINEDU), and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM). At regional level, the Regional Government of Cusco, the Regional Bureaus of Education and Health, and the Natural Resources and Environmental Management Office SENAMHI; the University of San Antonio de Abad from Cusco; the Universidad Andina (Andean University), non-governmental organizations, and the representatives of CLIMANDES Project’s Technical Team.

Topics included are meteorological phenomena and climate change, environmental education, climate change and disaster risk management, food security, importance of environmental education in natural protected areas among others. Experiences in environmental education and cultural interaction developed by educational institutions as well as public and private agencies from Cusco were also addressed. Special attention was given to the presentation of the practical application of the Meteorology Socialization Guide in EBR teaching which was prepared with the joint effort of the Ministry of the Environment – Minam, the Ministry of Education– Minedu, the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru– Senamhi and the Swiss Cooperation – Cosude Said Guide is addressed at all teachers from the country to help them guide and teach children from elementary, primary and high school about meteorology.

Climate information for educational purposes
Grinia Avalos Roldán, coordinator of the Climandes Project 2 implemented by SENAMHI, presented the keynote speech on Meteorological Phenomena and Climate Change, and stressed the importance of knowing climate changes in the different temporary scales and the variability of associated extreme changes. Furthermore, she highlighted SENAMHI’s commitment to make hydrometeorology data readily available, and to implement climate services customized to users´ needs in order to support decision making and better manage risks under a shared responsibility approach in connection to availability, access, use and application of climate information. You can download the guides here.
Socialization of meteorology
One of the most expected activities of the IV CREA 2018 was the development of contents for the Meteorology Educational Guide, called “Meteorology Socialization Guides for Teachers”, designed and made by SENAMHI, with the support of the Ministry of Education. The purpose of said material is to encourage teachers from the three levels of EBR to incorporate the contents of the guides in class sessions such as science and environment, communications, mathematics, and others. This material was developed in the framework of the Climandes Project. The guide includes knowledge of time, climate, climate change, disaster risk management, and proposes teaching and learning processes in elementary, primary and high school across all areas adapted to local realities with an intercultural approach.

Outstanding Participation of SENAMHI
During the Congress, Zenón Huamán, Zone Director of SENAMHI Cusco, Grinia Avalos, Teresa García, Sandro Arias, Teófilo Zamalloa and David Soto, specialists from SENAMHI, participated in the facilitation of training workshops and thematic round tables related to disaster risk management, climate change and cultural interaction.

At the end of the Congress, Patricia Luksic Gibaja, permanent member of the Regional Bureau of Education (DRE Cusco) indicated: “The protection of the environment is everybody’s responsibility; furthermore, the environment needs us today and not tomorrow “. Finally, she specially thanked SENAMHI and announced that the 5th Congress on Environmental Education 2019 will be under the responsibility of Urubamba`s Local Educational Management Unit Urubamba.

About Climandes.
Climandes 2 is an initiative of the Global Program of Climate Change and Environment of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (COSUDE) in Alliance with the World Meteorological Organization (OMM), the meteorological services of Swiss (MeteoSwiss) and Peru (SENAMHI), the academia, the civil society and the private sector for the implementation of the World Bank of Climate Services. Climandes’ purpose is to provide reliable and timely climate services for decision making in order to make development more resilient to climate changes.

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