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“A national space for dialogue to include climate change in the strategic planning of Peru towards 2030”


The fourth edition of InterCLIMA 2016 will seek to promote a modern vision of development that incorporates the climate change situation cutting across public and private management policies and instruments.

Incorporating climate change in growth plans and strategies is one of the most important priorities for the country. Its insertion in the national objectives and goals will allow to obtain sustainable development expressed in a competitive economy, low in carbon and resilient to climate. Hence, in its fourth edition, InterCLIMA takes up this challenge presenting the topic: “Peru and its challenges to include climate change in the strategic planning towards 2030.”

From November 2 to 4, InterCLIMA 2016 will gather in Arequipa technicians, specialists, entrepreneurs, officials and decision makers, to address the climate change issue in all its dimensions, scopes and implications in national development. It is worth mentioning that the event will take place in the Convention Center of Cerro Juli.

The initiative led by the Ministry of the Environment has become, for the fourth year in a row, the annual space for dialogue, exchange and reporting on climate change management. The three previous editions gathered more than 7 550 participants, with the presence of international experts and more than 150 projects, both local and regional.

On this occasion, InterCLIMA 2016 will present three main topics: i) planning for development incorporating the climate change situation in public and private management at different government levels; ii) the Budget for climate change management, actors’ roles and capacities; iii) public and private investment for climate change management.

Thus, thanks to InterCLIMA 2016, the scopes of a modern vision of development incorporating climate change transversally in every public and private planning and management policy and instrument will be discussed in the country.

It should be noted that the Swiss Cooperation SDC has been providing technical and financial support to this initiative promoted by the Ministry of the Environment from its first edition in 2012, through its programs and projects. In this edition, the active participation will be through the projects PACC Perú, Glaciares+ and Apoyo a la Gestión del Cambio Climático. The last one mentioned supports directly the Peruvian government’s initiative Gestión Clima, in order to establish a national platform and multi-sector mechanisms within the framework of the National Climate Change Strategy, to guide, channel, agree upon and provide advice in the formulation, financing, implementation and supervision of public and private climate programs and projects in Peru, to the long-term benefit of the entire population.

Source: Ministry of the Environment

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