SERFOR FEST 2019 held “The Magic of Andean Forests”

The Andean Forests programme took part in the celebration with its 3D booth “Dive into the Forest” and its presentation of the work of the Kiuñalla community

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Hundreds of families enjoyed a pleasant day hearing forest lore at the SERFOR FEST held in the Campo de Marte (Jesús María, Lima, Peru), one of the events for celebrating  the fifth anniversary of the National Forest and Wildlife Service (SERFOR) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation

Serfor Fest

The event aimed to provide people in Lima with some fun, by holding a fair about the forests, the ecosystems that occupy 53 per cent of the national territory, provide habitat to an immense variety of wild flora and fauna, natural resources and vital services. The fair was held on 20 July.

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Visitors to the fair were given a virtual tour of the Andean forests. The virtual booth “Dive into the Forest” uses virtual reality to invite us to get to know the Andean forests, their ecosystem, biodiversity and the vulnerability of the Andean population that lives in them. Hundreds of people made a virtual trip deep into the Apurimac forests and learned more about the importance of these beautiful ecosystems. You can see the images here.


Discussion: Andean forests – Kiuñalla


On 22 July, the Andean Forests Discussion was one of the activities held to celebrate SERFOR’s fifth anniversary. Participants learned more about these ecosystems and the fundamental role they play in tackling climate change.

Augusto Ramírez is the executive director of the NGO CEDES, which works hand in hand with the Andean Forests Program in Apurímac. He gave a speech on “Rural Extension for the Management of Forest Resources and Wildlife in the Andean Forest“, describing the experience of the peasant community of Kiuñalla, and highlighted the organisation of the community system, with its institutionalised assemblies and a forest-based local development vision.

“We have formulated a life plan with the community, using Kiuñalla’s strategic location to generate economic alternatives which take care of the forest. The community knows that the forest provides them with water and how important it is to conserve it,” he said.

He added that, as a result of the life plan, more women and young people were getting involved in the project and that, with the construction of the cable car to Choquequirao, they would have more opportunities for community tourism. In addition, the community will receive payments for reforesting the Andean forests.

Virtual Forests

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After the discussion, participants had a chance to enjoy the virtual reality experience, where they could immerse themselves in the Andean forests of Apurimac. The “Andean Forests” platform is a website that raises public awareness about the importance of the Andean forests and it is possible to see more than twenty 360-degree scenarios of Apurimac landscapes, including the Ampay National Sanctuary and Lake Rontoccocha. Go to:

The Andean Forests project is implemented in the countries in the Andean mountain range. It is part of the Global Climate Change Programme of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and is facilitated by the Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation Consortium (Condesan).

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