[Sharing information and experience] On-line: the ASIR-SABA project website: Comprehensive Rural Water and Sanitation in Colombia

ASIR-SABA is one of Switzerland’s specific contributions to Colombia in the construction of peace and the quest for reconciliation, and began as a pilot project for scaling up Peru’s SABA+ management model

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The project uses the platform to share its activities, resources and publications in the framework of its work in the municipalities of Gámeza, Mongüa, Támesis, Jericó, Fredonia, Montebello, Caramanta, Manaure and Pueblorrico, in Colombia.

ASIR-SABA is a project which the Swiss Embassy in Colombia (Humanitarian Aid and Development, SDC) has promoted since 2013, through support programmes, establishing alliances with government authorities, non-governmental organisations (national and international) and civil society, in order to improve the protection given to the vulnerable community affected by the armed conflict in the country.

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From 2018 to April 2020, the Swiss Embassy in Colombia (Humanitarian Aid and Development, SDC) renewed its formal cooperation and liaison agreement with the Ministry of Housing, City and Territory. It helped implement public policy on drinking-water supply and basic sanitation in priority rural areas, providing capacity-building for institutions and communities, and helped implement the Municipal Technical Assistance for Rural Water and Sanitation; develop infrastructure improvement projects; support development of public policy tools, activities to protect supply basins, comprehensive sector risk management with a rural emphasis, and rural water and sanitation diagnostics.

For further information
SABA+ Project, fact sheet, Swiss Embassy, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Global brief. Water and sanitation: how to replicate a successful model (PDF)


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