[Water Unites Us – Workshops] Corporate Water Management: Water Footprint and Blue Certificate

The Global Water Programme of Swiss Cooperation (SDC), the National Water Authority (ANA) and the NGO Agualimpia are promoting the “Water Unites Us” project, holding activities to promote the Blue Certificate with companies, encouraging them to join the initiative.

They held a two-day workshop in the first week of May for an in-depth look at the Water Footprint, the ISO 14046 evaluation methodology and the Blue Certificate. The workshop is a product of coordination between the National Society of Industries and the Swiss Cooperation (SDC) as part of the Water Unites Us Programme, for the Society’s members.

The workshop was opened with welcoming remarks by Patricia Valdez Castro, manager of the Sustainability Committee of the National Society of Industries, who thanked the SNI members for their willingness to participate and learn more about the Blue Certificate and corporate water management.

Kenneth Peralta, Swiss Cooperation (SDC) national programme officer, highlighted the support provided to corporate water management and water footprint measurement, through ISO 14046, and “working hand in hand to develop the Blue Certificate (…) a very interesting and synergistic activity, through which companies are taking part together in order to achieve sustainable management of the resource in their work”.

The training workshop was held in two on-line sessions, on May 4 and 6 and addressed subjects like the basic concepts of the water footprint and ISO 14046 evaluation methodology on the first day, by Rony Laura, specialist of the NGO Agualimpia.

Rony Laura, specialist of the NGO Agualimpia

On the second day, the workshop offered an in-depth look at the concepts of the Blue Certificate and corporate water management. Alberto Alva, from the National Water Authority’s Water Resources Administration Department, presented the concept and achievements of the Blue Certificate initiative.

Blue Certificate and corporate water management
Alberto Alva, National Water Authority’s

Tanya Laguna then presented the Blue Certificate forms and instruments, explaining who can participate, how to register, what the certification process is and the benefits it brings.

Blue Certificate forms and instruments
Tanya Laguna, National Water Authority’s

Alejandro Conza, from the NGO Agualimpia, presented some examples and experiences of water footprint reduction and shared-value projects held by companies which have already participated in the Blue Certificate.

Alejandro Conza, NGO Agualimpia

The final part of the workshop was for businessmen who have participated in the Blue Certificate initiative to discuss their experience of it and have implemented shared-value projects in their sector.

Three businessmen presented their testimonials.

Compañía Nacional de Chocolates de Perú

José Escalante, representative of Compañía Nacional de Chocolates de Perú, presented the strategic alliance with the Lachay national park, to work on three elements: waste clean-up, reforestation with seedlings and installing a fog trap to capture water.

UNACEM Atocongo Plant

Mérilyn Chumpitaz Uquiche, representative of the UNACEM Atocongo Plant, presented the activities of the shared-value project. These include improving the irrigation channel using a closed conduit system in the Las Palmas area, and strengthening the organisational management capacities of the stakeholders in the Lurín river basin.

UNACEM Condorcocha Plant

Jorge Castro Rojas, the representative of the UNACEM Condorcocha Plant in the Province of Tarma, described the capacity-building project for the stakeholders of the Tarma River sub-basin.

Thanks to this joint action, the Blue Certificate has been consolidated as an instrument for promoting water efficiency, and it is expected to continue improving the service to companies interested in obtaining this recognition throughout the country and promoting water efficiency.

The course was closed by Patricia Valdez, manager of the sustainability committee of the National Society of Industries, who said that the subject is being promoted within the Society, and that in the framework of the Pacific Alliance, the SNI is leading this chapter in Peru, promoting the work of water footprint and corporate water management.

Finally, the workshop highlighted the importance of the initiatives included in the Blue Certificate, which should have a ripple effect with other water users and help improve demand management.

Water Unites Us – SuizAgua

The “Water Unites Us” project works to improve knowledge about the impacts of the production of goods and services on water. It fosters public-private coordination for integrated management of water resources, through the Blue Certificate and the water footprint.

The project is led by Swiss Government cooperation, and is part of its Global Water Initiatives Programme. It has been working since 2010 with the private sector, public agencies and think-tanks to promote responsible and committed water management in Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico and Brazil.

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