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Our publications allow us to share the knowledge and experiences gained as a result of the different projects we have been promoting as part of the Global Programs in the Andes on Water and Climate Change.


Future of Glaciers. Report on future changes in the main climate variables according to emission scenarios, as well as determination of two possible status indicators and future extension of glaciers in Peru. The staff from the Glacier and Water Resources Unit (UGRH) of the National Water Authority (ANA) has contributed to this study. Executive Summary SpaEng

Risk Assessment in High-Mountain Areas. It shows the state of the art of high- mountain risk assessment and its main components. Document and technical guide developed by the Standing Working Group for Glacier Risks and Permafrost in High Mountain (GAPHAZ), with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (COSUDE) through Proyecto Glaciares+. Executive Summary Spa Eng / Full Report Eng

Hydrological Modeling of the Cañete River Basin. It shows the preparation and calibration of a hydrological model for the Cañete basin; a tool for further analysis of climate change scenarios and the implementation of improvements in water resource optimization processes. Executive Summary SpaEng


Economic Appraisal of Eco-Systemic Goods and Services. Article about the Saywite Choquequirao Ampay mancomunidad, in the Apurimac region, Peru; the peasant community of San Ignacio from Kiuñalla (Kiuñalla) has decided to restore its forests. Goods and Services have been appraised in terms of the goods and services obtained from the forests of the Kiuñalla peasant community so that people from the community become aware, own and value the goods and services provided by the surrounding ecosystem. Article Spa

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