[Young agents of change] Volunteers in water culture promotion conclude training programme

67 university students strengthened their skills in water culture and communication strategies for raising public awareness through the volunteer training programme.

The project: “Innovative campaign to motivate behavioural change for water use”. The training programme for young university students “Action for the promotion of Water Culture”, was sponsored by the National Water Authority and the Calandria Association of Communicators, and supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC.

The COVID-19 pandemic health emergency was no obstacle to the training programme, which was adapted to an on-line format, with sessions via zoom and educational materials especially designed for in-depth conceptual knowledge.

Volunteers learned about the functions of the National Water Authority and the role of community stakeholders in the management of water resources in Peru, and learned essential concepts about river basins and water culture, including Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).

The programme began on 9 November and ended on 22 December 2020, and developed the interest of university students in water resources management and trained the volunteers to continue raising awareness about water culture within higher education centres, and encouraging them to change the attitudes of their peers and the public regarding the use and care of water.

The programme covered 21 hours of training for 67 participants, who were given an update on environmental concepts and practical techniques for people-centred communication on these important issues in the context of COVID-19.

Tómatelo en serio” campaign closer to the public – Peru

In Lima and Callao there are over 700 thousand people who have no access to drinking water. (Source:Superintendencia Nacional de Servicios de Saneamiento, 2020). This hampers-hand washing, a fundamental measure to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and diseases linked to the lack of access to clean water, acute diarrhoeal diseases for example.

The Behavioural Change Campaign partnered with the NGO Calandria to hold the Tómatelo en serio campaign to reinforce the concepts of management responsibility and adequate access to water, and to continue raising public awareness with messages about how the consumption and care of water contributes to their wellbeing. With access to information, they can take better decisions and secure water resources for their needs.

During November and December, 25,000 people found information designed for the public at different points in Lima, such as markets, squares and Metropolitano bus stops, about the correct care and efficient use of water. The estimate of the number of people reached is estimated from municipal data about the count at peak hours, specific days and daily capacity.

Informational posts and banners for main avenues were popular with the public, as they contained messages about water shortages and offered tips on how to save and care for water as the summer approached.

More abouth the campain:

Training Programme for young university students

You can find out more about the campaign in this video.

More information:
Web Training Programme for young university students


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