[Emisor CERO] The CEELA Project’s podcast on sustainable architecture in Latin America

Since February 14th, 2023 “Emisor Cero” is available, a podcast produced by Podcastera.mx, through which the CEELA Project shares knowledge, activities, and news about sustainable construction in Latin America.

Emisor Cero is hosted by Spanish speaking Citlalli Palacios and Salvador Martínez, who, using a simple and entertaining language, share, in each edition, updated information and knowledge regarding the reduction of CO2 emissions, energy efficiency, renewable energy and thermal comfort in buildings. These issues are a priority and part of the principles of the CEELA project. There are 12 episodes scheduled for 2023.

We invite students, technicians, specialists, and professionals in the building sector in Latin America to listen to “Emisor Cero”, a podcast through which they will learn how they can contribute to the mitigation and adaptation of climate change through more sustainable construction.

Episodes broadcast to date:

The following episodes will be published in the podcast, which you can follow by subscribing through the following platforms: Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google podcast, podimo, ivoox. Turn on notifications and don’t miss episodes of Emisor Cero!

Contact: emisorcero@podcastera.mx

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